London is the city famous for renewing itself through the creativity, hard work and good fortune of those that choose to make it their home.


The family business in Vienna in the 1920’s

Park Lofts is no exception. My Viennese father found ‪180 Albany St‬‬‬‬‬‬‬, a rundown and bomb-scarred building surrounded by the Crown Estates, in the 1950’s, when it became the premises for his fledgling butcher’s business. After twenty-five years travelling to Smithfield Market at dawn, he was offered the opportunity, and took the risk, to develop the site.

… and in London in the 1960’s

Three years ago, opportunity presented itself again to the next generation, and Park Lofts came into being from the commercial space, continuing in the tradition of renewal that characterized its start sixty years ago.


I’m passionate about design, and working with great architects to reinvent the building has been a joy. I’ve been able to choose creative and meticulous designers to bring the building back to life and imbue it with texture, colour and character.


I want the attention to detail that inspired Park Loft’s design quality to be mirrored in the letting and management experience. It’s important to me that Park Lofts becomes a home for you, whether you are staying in London before moving on, or living in the city while you plan the next steps here for you and your family.

Our concierge will be on hand every weekday morning to sign for deliveries and keep the lobbies clean and tidy, and our handyman will make sure the Lofts stay in good repair. I aim to help as you settle in, and when it’s not me, it will be someone I trust in my place. I’d like you to feel that we are friendly, helpful, courteous and professional.

I hope Park Lofts helps you live the life in London that you love – that renting with us brings you the unique experience of bright, expansive, modern Lofts right next to the amazing Regent’s Park within a friendly community, a world away from the anonymous, corporate developments that threaten to take over this wonderful city of ours.

Looking forward to welcoming you to Park Lofts,


jackie orlik